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2013 Publications


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1Appropriateness of hydroxyethylcellulose gel as a placebo control in vaginal microbicide trials: A comparison of the two control arms of HPTN 035Richardson BA, Kelly C, Ramjee G, Fleming T, Makanani B, Roberts S, Musara P, Mkandawire N, Moench T, Coletti A, Soto-Torres L, Karim SA; for the HPTN 035 Study Team2013
2AZT impairs immunological recovery on first-line ART: collaborative analysis of cohort studies in Southern AfricaWandeler G, Gsponer T, Mulenga L, Garone D, Wood R, Maskew M, Prozesky H, Hoffmann C, Ehmer J, Dickinson D, Davies MA, Egger M, Keiser O; for the IeDEA Southern Africa Collaboration2013
3Cardiometabolic risk factors among HIV patients on antiretroviral therapyKiage JN, Heimburger DC, Nyirenda CK, Wellons MF, Bagchi S, Chi BH, Koethe JR, Arnett DK, Kabagambe EK2013
4Changes in measles serostatus among HIV-infected Zambian children initiating antiretroviral therapy before and after the 2010 measles outbreak and supplemental immunization activitiesRainwater-Lovett K, Nkamba HC, Mubiana-Mbewe M, Bolton Moore C, Moss WJ2013
5Predictors of delay in the diagnosis and treatment of suspected tuberculosis in HIV co-infected patients in South AfricaOtwombe, K. N.; Variava, E.; Holmes, C. B.; Chaisson, R. E.; Martinson, N.2013
6Prevention of mother-to-child HIV transmission within the continuum of maternal, newborn, and child health servicesChi BH, Bolton-Moore C, Holmes CB2013
7Retention in care and outpatient costs for children receiving antiretroviral therapy in zambia: a retrospective cohort analysisScott CA, Iyer H, Bwalya DL, McCoy K, Meyer-Rath G, Moyo C, Bolton-Moore C, Larson B, Rosen S2013
8The High Burden of Tuberculosis (TB) and Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) in a Large Zambian Prison: A Public Health AlertHenostroza G, Topp SM, Hatwiinda S, Maggard KR, Phiri W, Harris JB, Krüüner A, Kapata N, Ayles H, Chileshe C, Reid SE2013
9Tuberculosis and the risk of opportunistic infections and cancers in HIV-infected patients starting ART in Southern AfricaFenner L, Reid SE, Fox MP, Garone D, Wellington M, Prozesky H, Zwahlen M, Schomaker M, Wandeler G, Kancheya N, Boulle A, Wood R, Henostroza G, Egger M; IeDEA Southern Africa2013