2017 Publications

1Accuracy of giant African pouched rats for diagnosing tuberculosis: comparison with culture and Xpert® MTB/RIFMulder C, Mgode GF, Ellis H, Valverde E, Beyene N, Cox C, Reid SE, Van't Hoog AH, Edwards TL.2017
2Awareness and management of elevated blood pressure among human immunodeficiency virus-infected adults receiving antiretroviral therapy in urban Zambia: a call to actionBauer S, Wa Mwanza M, Chilengi R, Holmes CB, Zyambo Z, Furrer H, Egger M, Wandeler G, Vinikoor MJ.2017
3Client uptake of safer conception strategies: implementation outcomes from the Sakh’umndeni Safer Conception Clinic in South Africa.Schwartz SR, Bassett J, Holmes CB, Yende N, Phofa R, Sanne I, Van Rie A2017
4Digital CXR with computer aided diagnosis versus symptom screen to define presumptive tuberculosis among household contacts and impact on tuberculosis diagnosis
Muyoyeta M1, Kasese NC2, Milimo D2, Mushanga I2, Ndhlovu M2, Kapata N3, Moyo-Chilufya M2, Ayles H2,4
5Disentangling the effects of a multiple behaviour change intervention for diarrhoea control in Zambia: a theory-based process evaluationGreenland K, Chipungu J, Chilekwa J, Chilengi R, Curtis V.2017
6Field performance of the Determine HBsAg point-of-care test for diagnosis of hepatitis B virus co-infection among HIV patients in ZambiaChisenga CC, Musukuma K, Chilengi R, Zürcher S, Munamunungu V, Siyunda A, Ojok D, Bauer S, Wandeler G, Vinikoor M; for International Epidemiological Databases to Evaluate AIDS in Southern Africa (IeDEA-SA) Institutions.
7Hepatitis B virus infection as a neglected tropical diseaseO'Hara GA, McNaughton AL, Maponga T, Jooste P, Ocama P, Chilengi R, Mokaya J, Liyayi MI, Wachira T, Gikungi DM, Burbridge L, O'Donnell D, Akiror CS, Sloan D, Torimiro J, Yindom LM, Walton R, Andersson M, Marsh K, Newton R, Matthews PC.2017
8HIV self-testing in Lusaka Province, Zambia: acceptability, comprehension of testing instructions, and individual preferences for self-test kit distribution in a population-based sample of adolescents and adultsZanolini A, Chipungu J, Vinikoor M, Bosomprah S, Mafwenko M, Holmes C, Thirumurthy H.2017
9Hypertension management in rural primary care facilities in Zambia: a mixed methods studyYan LD, Chirwa C, Chi BH, Bosomprah S, Sindano N, Mwanza M, Musatwe D, Mulenga M, Chilengi R2017
10Impact of antiretroviral therapy on liver fibrosis among HIV-infected adults with and without HBV coinfection in ZambiaVinikoor MJ, Sinkala E, Chilengi R, Mulenga L, Chi BH, Zyambo Z, Hoffmann CJ, Saag MS, Davies MA, Egger M, Wandeler G2017
11Marketing of breast-milk substitutes in Zambia: evaluation of compliance to the international regulatory code
P. Funduluka, S. Bosomprah, R. Chilengi, R.H. Mugode, P.A. Bwembya, B. Mudenda
12Nonadherence to antiretroviral therapy among HIV-infected patients in Zambia is concentrated among a minority of patients and is highly variable across clinics.Czaicki NL, Holmes CB, Sikazwe I, Bolton C, Savory T, Wa Mwanza M, Moyo C, Padian NS, Geng EH2017
13Norovirus infections in young children in Lusaka Province, Zambia: clinical characteristics and molecular epidemiologyHoward L, Mwape I, Simwinga M, Simuyandi M, Guffey M, Stringer J, Chi B, Edwards K, Chilengi R2017
14Patient-Reported Adverse Effects Associated with Combination Antiretroviral Therapy and Coadministered Enzyme-Inducing Antiepileptic DrugsElafros MA, Birbeck GL, Gardiner JC, Siddiqi OK, Sikazwe I, Paneth N, Bositis CM, Okulicz JF.2017
15Predictors of Infant Hepatitis B Immunization in Cameroon: Data to Inform Implementation of a Hepatitis B Birth DoseDionne-Odom J1, Westfall AO, Nzuobontane D, Vinikoor MJ, Halle-Ekane G, Welty T, Tita ATN.2017
16Risk factors for early mortality on antiretroviral therapy in advanced HIV-infected adultsBisson GP, Ramchandani R, Miyahara S, Mngqibisa R, Matoga M, Ngongondo M, Samaneka W, Koech L, Naidoo K, Rassool M, Kirui F, Banda P, Mave V, Kadam D, Leger P, Henostroza G, Manabe YC, Bao J, Kumwenda J, Gupta A, Hosseinipour MC; Adult AIDS Clinical Trials Group A5274 (REMEMBER) Study Team.2017
17Scaling up proven innovative cervical cancer screening strategies: Challenges and opportunities in implementation at the population level in low-and lower-middle -income countriesFrancesco Holme, Sharon Kapambwe, Ashrafun Nessa, Partha Basu, Raul Murillo, Jose Jeronimo2017
18Signal functions for emergency obstetric care as an intervention for reducing maternal mortality: a survey of public and private health facilities in Lusaka District, ZambiaTembo T, Chongwe G, Vwalika B, Sitali L.2017
19Six Month Clinic Return Intervals for Stable HIV-Infected Patients in ZambiaMody A., Roy M., Sikombe K., Savory T., Holmes C.B., Bolton-Moore C., Padian N., Sikazwe I., Geng E.2017
20Trends in hepatitis B virus testing practices and management in HIV clinics across sub-Saharan Africa
Coffie PA, Egger M, Vinikoor MJ, Zannou M, Diero L, Patassi A, Kuniholm MH, Seydi M, Bado G, Ocama P, Andersson MI, Messou E, Minga A, Easterbrook P, Anastos K, Dabis F, Wandeler G; IeDEA collaboration
21Tuberculosis diagnostic technology: an African solution … think rats
Christiaan Mulder, Georgies Mgode, Stewart E. Reid
22Understanding linkage to care with HIV self-test approach in Lusaka, Zambia – A mixed method approachChipungu J, Bosomprah S, Zanolini A, Thimurthy H, Chilengi R, Sharma A, Holmes CB.2017
23Use of Lot Quality Assurance Sampling Surveys to Evaluate Community Health Worker Performance in Rural Zambia: a Case of Luangwa DistrictMoses Mwanza, Japheth Zulu, Stephanie M. Topp, Patrick Musonda, Wilbroad Mutale, Roma Chilengi.2017