CALL FOR ABSTRACTS: 8th African Rotavirus Symposium, Livingstone, Zambia, 12 -13th June 2014

//CALL FOR ABSTRACTS: 8th African Rotavirus Symposium, Livingstone, Zambia, 12 -13th June 2014

CALL FOR ABSTRACTS: 8th African Rotavirus Symposium, Livingstone, Zambia, 12 -13th June 2014

Theme: Rotavirus Landscape in Africa – Towards Prevention and Control

The 8th African Rotavirus Symposium is an exciting and critical opportunity for global experts, scientists in the field, policy-makers and African programme implementers to gather and share current data and experiences on rotavirus. With the WHO-sponsored African Rotavirus Surveillance Network coming of age after a decade of surveillance across the continent, and with 13 African countries now having introduced rotavirus immunisations in their routine programmes, there is a wealth of knowledge, results, and experiences worth sharing.

The 8th African Rotavirus Symposium, hosted in Livingstone, Zambia, will be a two-day event offering a rich mix of basic science findings, surveillance results, and immunisation programme experiences. This is a call for abstracts on relevant topics ranging from rotavirus disease burden and epidemiology in Africa; rotavirus surveillance and strain diversity since vaccine introduction; decision-making processes for vaccine introduction; cost effectiveness analyses; rotavirus vaccination programme impact; and clinic research.

Abstract Submission Guidelines:

If you wish to participate as a presenter at the 8th African Rotavirus Symposium, please submit an abstract of your scientific paper, or a synthesis of recent research/programme findings for consideration. Special emphasis for plenary sessions will be on papers that demonstrate high quality and most insightful work.

  • Abstracts should include Title, Authors’ Names and Affiliations
  • Main body must be structured into Background, Methods, Results and Conclusion
  • Format must be Times New Roman 12
  • Keep to 300 word limit
  • Use only metric units for all measurements
  • Indicate your preference for an oral or poster presentation
  • Indicate your presentation category from choices below

Presentation Categories:

  • Burden & Epidemiology
  • Strain Diversity & Surveillance Results from African Countries
  • Vaccines Introduction and Impact Studies
  • Current and Future Vaccines
  • Global Perspectives with interest in Africa

To submit abstracts, Participants should complete using the attached document and email to

Submission Deadline: March 14th 2014  

For exhibitions, registration and other conference queries, please contact us at

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