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Dr Ranjit Warrier BSc, PhD is Director of the CIDRZ Central Laboratory

Ranjit moved to Zambia when he was nine and completed his secondary schooling in Lusaka. During this time he was profoundly affected by the high HIV prevalence and associated death rate due to the limited availability of antiretroviral drugs. This sparked his interest in improving health care in Zambia and in other resource-limited countries. He was awarded a scholarship to study molecular biology at Louisiana Tech University, followed by scholarships to study mosquito-borne viruses related to Chikungunya and Zika at Purdue University, also in the USA. In 2010 he joined CIDRZ as a postdoctoral fellow and successfully set up a HIV drug resistance genotyping sequencing centre. He returned to the US in 2011 to continue basic research into HIV vaccines working with Dr George Shaw and colleagues. In 2015 he rejoined CIDRZ as Lab Director and plans to improve the quality of support the lab provides for standard patient care as well as for clinical research.