Addendum 1 to Tender for Design/Supply/Installation of Solar Power at CIDRZ Lab: Closing Date now 22nd June 2016


Tender For The Design, Supply and Installation of Solar Power at CIDRZ Central Laboratory, Kalingalinga, Lusaka – CIDRZ/LABSOLAR/094/2016

CIDRZ wishes to inform all prospective bidders to this tender about the following amendments to the Bid Data Sheet:

Clause ITB 19.1: The closing date for the receipt of bids has been extended to Wednesday, 22nd June 2016 at 14:30 hours Central Africa Time. 

Clause ITB 25.3: The acceptable currency for this tender shall be any freely convertible currency.

Clause ITB 26.5 (b) (i): Delivery period acceptable is 12 weeks.

Clause ITB 27: All Domestic preference categories are applicable.

Clause ITB 27.2: For Joint Ventures where a local company has partnered with a foreign company is not mandatory but applicable.

NOTE: It is a requirement that ALL (Local and International) bidders should comply with terms and conditions regards licensing for Manufacture, Design and Installation of all solar equipment as regulated by the Energy Regulation Board (ERB). It is therefore the responsibility of prospective bidders to contact the ERB for any further clarifications regarding this matter.

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Head Procurement & Supplies


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