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Why good public health intentions fail in low-resource settings: thoughts from a recent integrated HIV/RH study in Kenya and Swaziland

April 16, 2015    9-10 hours Zambezi Conference Room, CIDRZ Head Office 5032 Great North Road, Lusaka Dr Richard Mutemwa, MSc, MBA, PhD Deputy Director, Health Systems Strengthening and Primary Care Dr Richard Mutemwa is Deputy Director of Health Systems Strengthening & Primary Care at CIDRZ. He earned his MSc in Medical Statistics (with Epidemiology) from […]

Rural Voices: SCOPE – The Sinazongwe Combination Prevention Evaluation Study

HIV prevention messages don’t always reach deep into rural areas like Sinazongwe District located on the north shore of Lake Kariba in the far south-east corner of Zambia’s Southern province. In fact HIV prevention programmes in remote areas are the most neglected and the least evaluated in Zambia. The Sinazongwe Combination Prevention Evaluation (SCOPE) study, […]

CIDRZ Assists Lusaka District Community Health Office Improve ARV Drug Access to Clinics

Through support provided by CDC/PEPFAR, CIDRZ was able to donate a new, 7-ton, containerized drug delivery truck to the Lusaka District Community Health Office to assist them to deliver life-saving Anti-Retroviral drugs to Lusaka District HIV Treatment and Care Clinics. Previously the District faced logistic challenges as they did not have their own dedicated vehicle […]

ACADEMIC ENDLINE Survey Launches to Evaluate Rotavirus Vaccine

From 2011-2014, the Programme for the Awareness and Elimination of childhood Diarrhoea (PAED) at CIDRZ organized and implemented interventions to decrease overall and diarrhoea-related post-neonatal Under 5 child mortality in Lusaka Province.  These interventions included the early roll-out of the rotavirus vaccine in a facility-based study and community-based behaviour change programming to improve child hygiene, […]

Message from CIDRZ CEO Charles Holmes on World TB Day 2015

Today we learned from the CIDRZ Director of TB Programmes, Dr Monde Muyoyeta, that 1.5 million people are still dying every year from TB despite there being an effective treatment regimen available. This is in large part because those suffering from TB are still not being properly diagnosed. We have known the cause of TB […]

CIDRZ contributes to improved child health in Zambia by donating Vaccine refrigerators and Expanded Programme on Immunisation cold-chain equipment to Government

  On Friday 27th March, with the support of ELMA Vaccines and Immunizations Foundation, CIDRZ was privileged to handover Kw 14 million worth of Expanded Programme on Immunisation vaccine refrigerators, delivery trucks and allied cold-chain equipment to the Government of the Republic of Zambia in support of the nation’s child immunisation programme. The celebratory event […]

Preliminary Results from the ACADEMIC Endline: Lessons Learned on Establishing and Implementing Tablet-Based Data Collection in a DHS-style Community Survey at CIDRZ

Lauren Beach JD/PhD 2014-2015 CIDRZ HIVCorps Public Health Fellow April 2nd 9-10 hours Zambezi Conference Room, CIDRZ Head Office 5032 Great North Road, Lusaka Lauren is Project/Research Manager and Co-Investigator of ACADEMIC, a large, community-based monitoring and evaluation study assessing the effectiveness of vaccination and behaviour change interventions on reducing under-5 deaths related to enteric […]

WHO Policy Brief on Chronic Hepatitis B Guidelines recommends APRI to stage chronic liver disease

In Zambia, it is estimated that 6-8% of the population may have chronic Hepatitis B Virus (HBV) infection. Routine Hepatitis B immunization for infants protects the next generation, and the Zambia National Blood Transfusion Service routinely screens for HBV to prevent transfusion-related cases. However, access to hepatitis screening and treatment is still very limited in […]

Dual elimination of HIV/syphilis initiatives globally and an update on the status of dual HIV/syphilis RDT Research

March 26th  9-10 hours Zambezi Conference Room, CIDRZ Head Office 5032 Great North Road, Lusaka Maura Laverty Research Nurse Clinician, WHO Department of Reproductive Health Maura Laverty has been a registered nurse for over 40 years, and has been heavily involved in the earliest research efforts to combat HIV/AIDS. After graduating from the Kings County Hospital […]

CIDRZ Welcomes Dr Monde Muyoyeta MBChB, PhD who joins as Director, TB Department

Dr. Monde Muyoyeta joins CIDRZ from ZAMBART where she served as Head of Diagnostic Studies and spent over nine years designing and conducting field epidemiological and laboratory studies. She holds Bachelor degrees in Human Biology, Medicine and Surgery from the University of Zambia, and a PhD in Infectious Disease Epidemiology from The London School of Hygiene and […]