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Help CIDRZ stop burning diesel fuel
and move to solar power and other clean and renewable solutions.

CIDRZ wants to go green and we are looking
for partners to help!

We are all aware of the links between the environment and health and in our case these links are particularly poignant. Changes in weather patterns resulting in drought has led to massive power shortages in Zambia that are affecting nearly every sector and CIDRZ programmes that provide critical services to the country are among the hardest hit. 

Our CIDRZ Central Laboratory provides testing for almost 50% of the Zambians living with HIV, in addition to performing the critical testing required for many ongoing clinical trials. 

But now the lab suffers multiple power outages every day and is struggling to maintain several old generators. Every day we must try to source sufficient diesel fuel to keep our specimen sample refrigerators and hundreds of sensitive laboratory instruments functional so that they can continue to provide the necessary testing service to Zambians.


Blue diesel


CIDRZ CEO Charles Holmes, Driver Phineas Lubezhi, and Maintenance Technician Alick Zulu after filling the generator on 3rd December 2015

But with support from a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) consultant, it is clear that the best way for CIDRZ to solve this problem for today, tomorrow, and the future is to move to solar power.

USD $960,000 will enable us to convert the CIDRZ Central Laboratory to solar power,
including the required panels, batteries, inverters and other supplies. Although the upfront costs are high, we know that the environmental benefits and the consistency of power for our laboratory instruments and sample storage equipment are invaluable. And when we have stable, clean, solar power then we will be better able to provide the seamless, high-quality laboratory services that Zambians need.

solar panels

But we need to move fast!

CIDRZ is looking for partners that want to make a difference immediately.

Is there anything YOU could do to
assist one of Southern Africa’s leading laboratories to go “off the grid?”

We have 3 requests:

1) Please donate to CIDRZ and provide us with funds to move more quickly to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels. We are a local organization and the impact we can squeeze from every donated dollar is high. If you start with even a $5 donation today, we would be most grateful. You can make a secure donation through our 501(c)(3) partner, Accordia at

2) If you have contacts in Silicon Valley, or among social investors who may be interested in making sizable contributions to our campaign, please connect them directly to CIDRZ CEO Dr Charles Holmes at

3) Please join our campaign on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with our progress