CIDRZ awards 40 members of staff for distinguished service

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CIDRZ awards 40 members of staff for distinguished service

The Lusaka based awardees with CIDRZ Board member, Mr Charles Mpundu, CIDRZ CEO Dr Izukanji Sikazwe and other senior Leadership Team members at CIDRZ

CIDRZ has awarded 40 members of staff for their outstanding contribution towards the organisation’s goals and objectives.

The  awardees,  27 from Lusaka and 13 from Southern, Eastern and Western provinces were recognized in five categories namely; Most Hardworking, Most Cost Efficient, Most Innovative, Most Outstanding and Most Improved Employee.

CIDRZ CEO Dr Izukanji Sikazwe said “we have  partnered with different stakeholders in carrying out our work and among them are community volunteers who have been instrumental in ensuring that we meet our goals. At the national level, we have worked closely with government and notably so has been during the launch of the Lusaka Surge campaign by President Edgar Chagwa Lungu. The campaign is the drive by the Ministry of Health towards the 90:90:90 targets for Lusaka District. What this means for us as CIDRZ is to continue working hard as we have always done to ensure that we contribute effectively towards the campaign.”

CIDRZ staff during this years Labour Day celebrations

Dr Sikazwe said it was gratifying to note how CIDRZ work is being recognized by the different stakeholders at various levels and urged all CIDRZ departments to complement each other to ensure that set targets are met and delivered according to partners’ expectations.

And CIDRZ Board member Charles Mpundu said, “on behalf of the Board, I wish to salute all CIDRZ members of staff and congratulate you on the achievements. The Board therefore, urges you to use the milestones as a foundation to further transform the organisation. We have seen how seen the credibility of CIDRZ has continued to grow and the impact has been felt within the communities we serve. In all this, we realise that employees are an important tenant of any organisation and therefore, continue developing positive attitudes towards work”.

CIDRZ Deputy CEO, Emmanuel Qua-Enoo joined our Southern Province team in commemorating this years Labour Day Celebrations

And in Mazabuka, CIDRZ Deputy CEO Emmanuel Qua Enoo  commended staff for their effort during the transition of  CIDRZ activities to two new districts of Monze and Pemba and pointed out that “as challenging  the transition might have been, allow me to commend you for the robust implementation of key activities such as weekend Anti Retroviral Therapy (ART) services, ART-OPD integration and Index Testing and Partner Notification in the two districts”.

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