CIDRZ Introduces E-Procurement System

CIDRZ Introduces E-Procurement System

CDRZ Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Emmanuel Qua-Enoo during the introduction of the E-Procurement  CV

Centre for Infectious Disease Research in Zambia (CIDRZ) has introduced an electronic procurement system to increase efficiency and provide transparency into day-to-day transactions.
As part of the implementation process, CIDRZ conducted a stakeholder engagement meeting to introduce the CIDRZ E-Procurement System to the various stakeholders in the procurement and supply chain system.
CIDRZ Deputy CEO, Emmanuel Qua-Enoo, informed all invited Suppliers that “starting 1st June 2019, all procurement transactions will be done electronically as opposed to paper based”.

The meeting attracted more than 168 CIDRZ suppliers

The meeting attracted 138 CIDRZ registered suppliers who were oriented on how to view requests for quotations (RFQS), submit quotations, access past submissions and submit inquiries, and view responses to the inquiries.
And CIDRZ Chief Operating Officer Anthony Musaluke said, “we understand that at the initial stage of using the system, you may face challenges, but we assure you that as we go on, these challenges will reduce. However, always let us know should you need further help”.

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