CIDRZ Projects

1ABIMUsing Performance Assessment Products in Developing CountriesABIMS. Reid
2ACADEMICA Comprehensive Assessment of Diarrhoea and Enteric Disease Management in ChildrenBill & Melinda Gates Foundation/ arkR. Chilengi
3ACTACT: Antenatal Corticosteroids Trial in Preterm Births to Increase Neonatal Survival in Developing CountriesNIH E. Chomba
4ACTG 5208: OCTANEOptimal Combination Therapy After Nevirapine Exposure: Dual Randomized Controlled Trials of PI- versus NNRTI-Containing HAART in Nevirapine Exposed and Unexposed WomenNIH / NIAIDE. Stringer, M. Chibowa
5ACTG 5221: STRIDEA Strategy Study of Immediate Versus Deferred Initiation of Antiretroviral Therapy for AIDS Disease-Free Survival in HIV-Infected Persons Treated for Tuberculosis with CD4 < 250 Cells/mm3NIH / NIAIDS. Reid, N. Kancheya
6ACTG 5234International Trial of Modified Directly Observed Therapy versus Self-Administered Therapy for Participants with First Virologic Failure on a Non-Nucleoside Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitor-Containing Antiretroviral RegimeNIH / NIAIDM. Chibowa, E. Stringer
7ACTG 5274: REMEMBERREMEMBER: Reducing Early Mortality and Early Morbidity by Empiric Tuberculosis Treatment RegimensNIH / NIAIDN. Kancheya, G. Henostroza
8Adult Helminth Study126-patient Controlled Trial of Empiric Helminth Control to Reduce HIV Viral BurdenNIH / NIAIDK. Modjarrad, I. Zulu, S. Vermund
9AMAIEvaluation of Accelerating Maternal Care Access InitiativeCDCC. Chibwesha
10ARRACharacterization of Transmitted HIV-1 in Infants Following Failed Maternal ProphylaxisNIHB. Guffey
11BBCEvaluation of the Bring Back the Children Campaign: An Intervention to Improve ART Programme Retention and Enrollments of Under Fives in Lusaka District    AgencyPartnerPartnerEmaol20152017
12Behaviour Change Model DevelopmentDeveloping a Behaviour Change Model for Community Under-five Diarrhoea Control and Improved Treatment OutcomesComic Relief/ arkR. Chilengi
13Better InfoPLANNING: Better Information for Health in Zambia: A Cross Sectional Study of HIV Care Outcomes Across 4 ProvincesBill & Melinda Gates FoundationC. Holmes, E. Geng, I. Sikazwe
14BHOMABetter Health Outcomes through Mentoring and AssessmentsDoris DukeR. Chilengi
15BHOMA UCTImplementing Large-Scale Health System Strengthening Interventions: Experience from the BHOMA Project    Doris DukeR. Chilengi
16BRAIN StudyBrain Research to Ameliorate Impaired NeurodevelopmentNIHE. Chomba
17CAD4TBImproving Tuberculosis Diagnosis by Interpretation of Chest Radiographs Through Computer-Aided Diagnosis    DelftS. Reid, G. Henostroza2017
18CCRCI StudyComparison of Point-of-Care Molecular Tests and Visual Inspection with Acetic Acid for Cervical Cancer Screening in HIV-Infected Women in Lusaka, ZambiaNIH/ NCIC. Chibwesha, G. Parham
19CDC-RXMulti-site Observational Trial of Patient Outcomes on NNRTI-Containing HAART in Nevirapine-exposed and -Unexposed womenCDC/ EGPAFJ. Stringer, I. Zulu
20CEMARTObservational Cohort Study Evaluating Causes for Early Mortality Following HAART InitiationCDCB. Guffey, I. Zulu, J. Stringer
21Cervical Cancer DatabaseElectronic Database of HIV-infected Women Accessing Cervical Cancer ScreeningCDCG. Parham, M. Mwanahamuntu
22Cervical Cancer Screening – BehaviouralBehavioral Study to Assess the Short-term Effects of VIA Screening on the Health-related Quality of Life of HIV-infected and -uninfected Women and to Compare the Acceptability of Existing Screening ProtocolsNIH / NCIE. Chamot, P. Ndubani, S. Kapambwe
23CHAVI Antenatal SurveillanceSurveillance of Antenatal Blood Specimens to Determine HIV Incidence in LusakaNIH / NIAIDJ. Stringer
24Chest X-ray Reporting and Recording SystemEvaluation of Diagnostic Tools for Interpreting Digital Radiography in the Zambian Prisons ProgrammeTB Reach/ DelftC. Chileshe, N. Kancheya, S. Reid, G. Henostroza
25Community Birth Attendant SurveyCommunity Birth Attendant SurveyNIHE. Chomba
26Community Health SurveyCity-wide, Multi-round Household Survey of ART Programme Effectiveness (6 rounds, 2400 households per round)CDC/ EGPAFJ. Stringer, M. Giganti
27Complementary FeedingRandomised Controlled Trial of Two Different Complementary Feeding Regimens to Improve Growth and Health of Infants and Young Children Less Than 2 Years of AgeNIHE. Chomba
28Cryo and HPVThe Effect of Cryotherapy on Cervicovaginal HIV Shedding and HPV ClearanceFogartyC. Chibwesha, G. Parham, K. Katundu
29DGPLEADPilot Study to Determine the Role of Genetic Polymorphisms in Dyslipidemia Among Patients on HAARTUniversity of Alabama - BirminghamE. Kapagambe, D. Potter
30Dual HIV SyphilisField Performance Evaluation of Dual Rapid HIV and Syphilis Tests in ZambiaWHOI. Sikazwe, M. Kasaro
31EmONCEvaluation of an Emergency Obstetric Intervention Package to Reduce Adverse Pregnancy Outcomes in Low Resource SettingsNIHE. Chomba
32Evaluation of Peer EducatorsEvaluation of the Role of Peer Educators in HIV Treatment, Education, and Quality of Care Given Rapid ART Scale-UpPEPFARS. Reid, B. Tambatamba
33Fluorescence Microscopy StudyEvaluation of Fluorescence Microscopy for TB Diagnosis in ZambiaCDC / TulaneS. Reid, A. Kruuner, J. Harris
34Food Supplementation Pilot StudyAssessment of Food Supplementation on HIV Treatment Outcomes Across 8 Lusaka ClinicsWorld Food ProgrammeJ. Stringer, K. Megazzini
35Health Care Worker EvaluationHealth Care Workers in Lusaka District: A Survey of Utilization of HIV Services and BurnoutPEPFARS. Reid, B. Tambatamba
36HIV Drug ResistanceSurveillance to Determine the Prevalence of Viral Drug Resistance Among Individuals Tested for HIVCDCB. Chi
37HIV Puppetry Programme EvaluationAn Evaluation of a Puppetry Programme of HIV Awareness, VCT, & ART Adherence in Children and Their Caregivers in Lusaka, ZambiaCDCC. Bolton
38HPTN 024Randomized Controlled Trial of Antibiotics versus Placebo to Reduce Chorioamnionitis-attributable Perinatal HIV TransmissionNIH / NIAIDM. Sinkala, R. Goldenberg
39HPTN 035Randomized Controlled Trial of Two Candidate MicrobicidesNIH / NIAIDM. Kapina, G. Parham
40HPTN 039Randomized Controlled Trial of Acyclovir versus Placebo to Reduce HSV-2-Related HIV AcquisitionNIH / NIAIDS. Reid
41HPTN 039 -1Prospective Cohort Study of HPTN 039 Seroconverters: The Effect of HSV-2 Suppression on HIV-1 Viral Set PointNIH / NIAIDS. Reid
42HPTN 039 Sub-studyFactors Associated with Adherence to Study Drug (acylovir or placebo) in HPTN 039: Implications for HIV Prevention Trials and ImplementationNIH / NIAIDS. Reid
43HPTN 039 Sub-study: PK GUDProspective Study of Pharmacokinetics, Clinical, and Virologic Response to Acyclovir Episodic Therapy for Genital Herpes Ulcers in HIV- Negative African WomenNIH / NIAIDS. Reid, B. Tambatamba
44HPTN 055Microbicide Preparedness Study to Measure HIV and STI Incidence and PrevalenceNIH / NIAIDM. Kapina
45HPTN 063Preparing for International Prevention Trials Involving HIV-Infected Individuals in Care SettingsNIH / NIAIDS. Reid, M. Limbada
46HPV GenotypingHuman Papilloma Virus Genotyoping of Cervical Cancer Specimens from Patients Diagnosed at the University Teaching Hospital in ZambiaNIH/ NCIG. Parham, C. Chibwesha, A. Bateman, K. Katundu
47Hypothermia StudyA Randomized Trial to Evaluate the Use of Plastic Bags in Preventing and Treating Hypothermia in Neonates in Developing CountriesNIHE. Chomba
48IDXEvaluation of Non-virologic Diagnosis Algorithms to Monitor HIV-exposed Children of Unknown Infection StatusEGPAFB. Chi, B. Tambatamba, M. Limbada
49IeDEA HepatitisAntiretroviral Treatment Outcomes in HIV-HBV Co-Infected Patients in Southern Africa: A Collaborative Multi-country Prospective Cohort Analysis for IeDEA Southern AfricaNIH/ NIAIDC. Bolton, M. Vinikoor
50IeDEA Kaposi SarcomaDiagnosis, Treatment and Survival of HIV-infected Patients with Kaposi's Sarcoma in the Era of ART: A Chart Review  NIH / NIAIDS. Msadabwe-Chikuni, M. Kasaro
51IeDEA MalariaMapping of High Density Malaria Areas through Community Tracking and Surveillance ActivitiesNIH / NIAIDG. Henestroza
52IMPAACT 1060Phase II, Parallel, Randomized, Clinical Trials Comparing the Responses to Initiation of NNRTI-Based Versus PI-Based Antiretroviral Therapy in HIV-Infected Infants who Have and Have Not Previously Received Single Dose Nevirapine for Prevention of Mother-To-Child HIV TransmissionNIH /NIAIDB. Chi
53IMPAACT 1068sObservational Pilot P1060 Sub Study Comparing Differences in Malaria and Parasitemia by Real Time Quantitative PCR in HIV-infected Infants and Children on PI-based HAART versus NNRTI-based HAARTNIH / NIAIDP. Sambo, B. Chi
54IMPAACT 1072Prospective Trial of Safety and Efficacy of Rotavirus Vaccine in HIV-infected and -uninfected/Exposed InfantsNIH/NIAIDE. Mpabalwani, J. Stringer
55IMPAACT 1077: PROMISEPromoting Mother and Infant Survival EverywhereNIH / NIAIDM. Mubiana Mbewe, C. Bolton
56Innovation and Performance Improvement – MITInnovation and Performance Improvement in Primary Care Facilities in sub-Saharan Africa: Exploring the Impact of MIT Global Health Lab Operational ProjectsSloan School of Management MIT Global Health LabC. Bolton
57Intra-Uterine Device StudyRandomized Controlled Trial of Intrauterine Contraception Device (IUD) versus Hormonal Contraception in HIV-infected WomenEGPAFE. Stringer, J. Stringer, S. Vermund
58Kafue Project – CohortRoutine Use of ART to Prevent Mother-to-Child HIV Transmission in the Kafue District of ZambiaDoris DukeB. Chi
59Kafue Project – Community SurveyCommunity-based Evaluation of a Pilot PMTCT Programme in Kafue DistrictDoris DukeB. Chi
60Laboratory Reference Range ValidationLaboratory Validation of Reference Ranges, Proficiency Testing and Development of Diagnostics and Finger Stick HIV Rapid Resting Among HIV-infected and Un-infected  Adults in Lusaka, Zambia  NIH / NIAIDM. Kasaro, D. Simbeye
61Labour and Delivery Interventions TrialCluster-Randomized Trial of HIV Testing in Labour to Improve PMTCT Programme CoverageCDCJ. Stringer, K. Megazzini
62LAM CohortDetection of Lipoarabinomannan (LAM) in Urine for the Diagnosis of Tuberculosis in ART Clinic Enrollees in Lusaka, ZambiaCDCS. Reid, N. Kancheya
63Maternal Events and Pregnancy Outcomes (MEP)Maternal Events and Pregnancy Outcomes in a Cohort of Human Immunodeficiency Virus Infected Women Receiving Antiretroviral Therapy in Sub-saharan AfricaCDCC. Liu, J. Stringer
64Maternal Mortality/Verbal Autopsy StudyEvaluating Causes for Maternal Mortality Among HIV-infected and -Uninfected MothersCDCB. Chi, R. Goldenberg
65MDGiPLANNING: Prevention of infection transmission in Health Facilities using water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH)European Union/ UNICEFR. Chilengi, C. Rudd
66Measles-Specific Immune ReconstitutionCohort Study to Determine the Extent of Measles-specific Immune Reconstitution following HAART Initiation in ChildrenNIH / NIAIDC. Bolton, M. Mubiana-Mbewe
67Microbicide Legacy StudyEvaluating the Legacy of Microbicide Trial Participation among Women in Lusaka, ZambiaU PittsburghM. Kapina, N. Williams
68MTCT- PlusHIV Treatment Cohort of Mothers and Their FamiliesColumbia UniversityE. Stringer
69MTN 015An Observational Cohort Study of Women following HIV-1 Seroconversion in Microbicide TrialsNIH / NIAIDM. Kasaro
70Mucosal and Systemic Responses to ContraceptivesMucosal and Systemic Responses to Contraceptives in HIV-infected Women in ZambiaCIDRZE. Stringer
71NCI StudyEvaluation of HAART on Cervical Dysplasia Regression Among HIV-infected WomenNIH / NCIG. Parham, M. Mwanahamuntu
72NEMARTObservational Study Describing Re-feeding Syndrome as a Possible Cause of Early Mortality Following HAART InitiationUniversity of Alabama at BirminghamD. Heimberger, D. Potter
73Neonatal CircumcisionEvaluation of safety and acceptability of neonatal circumcision in Zambia using GOMCO and Plastibell methodsCDC/ EGPAFE. Stringer, K. Bowa
74Neonatal Resuscitation StudyCluster-Randomized Trial of Targeted Neonatal Resuscitation Training to Reduce Neonatal MortalityNIH / NICHDE. Chomba
75Nevirapine Strategies Trial1260-Patient, Community Cross-over Trial of Nevirapine Distribution Strategies for PMTCTEGPAFJ. Stringer, M. Sinkala
76OPD – ART IntegrationEvaluation of an OPD-ART Integrated Care ModelCDCS. Topp
77ORACTA: PMTCT- ART LinksOperations Research to Optimize Linkages between PMTCT and HIV Treatment Services in Lusaka, ZambiaDoris DukeP. Killam, N. Chintu
78PAED Behavioural EvaluationCluster-randomised trial to Evaluate a Multiple Behaviour Change Community Programme in Lusaka Province, ZambiaComic Relief, arkR. Chilengi, J. Chipungu
79PAED Behavioural InterventionFormative Research to Develop a Behaviour Change Model for the Community Component of a Programme for the Awareness and Elimination of Diarrhoea (PAED), ZambiaComic Relief, arkR. Chilengi, J. Chipungu
80Paediatric Helminth StudyPilot Study of Empiric Helminth Control to Reduce HIV Viral Burden Among HIV-infected ChildrenEGPAFE. Chomba, S. Vermund
81PEARL I: Cord BloodAssessment of PMTCT Programme Effectiveness Across 4 Countries and 24 Sites in sub-Saharan Africa: Cord BloodCDC/ EGPAFE. Stringer
82PEARL II Community SurveyAssessment of PMTCT Programme Effectiveness Across 4 Countries and 24 Sites in sub-Saharan Africa: Community SurveyCDC/ EGPAFE. Stringer
83PEPFAR ART ProgrammeLongitudinal Data of Zambian Patients on ARTCDCI. Sikazwe
84PMTCT Surveillance StudyCity-wide Cord Blood Surveillance of 10,194 Deliveries in Lusaka to Assess PMTCT Programme EffectivenessEGPAFJ. Stringer, M. Sinkala
85Prisons: Enhanced TB ScreeningEvaluation of Enhanced TB Screening in Zambian PrisonsWHOC. Chileshe, S. Reid
86Quality of CareImpact of Organisational Factors on Quality of HIV Care in Resource-Limited SettingsCIDRZS. Deo, S. Reid
87ROVASCauses of Rotavirus Vaccine Failure in Zambian ChildrenNIH/ NIAIDR. Chilengi
88SCOPEEvaluation of an Integrated Community-Based and Clinical HIV/AIDS Programme in Sinazongwe District, ZambiaCDCK. Musokotwane, R. Mutemwa
89Stevens Johnson SyndromeStevens Johnson Syndrome after Initiating Nevirapine-based HAARTCDC/ EGPAFD. Potter
90Syphilis StudyIntroduction of Rapid Syphilis Testing within an Integrated Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission (PMTCT) of HIV Programme: A Field Acceptability, Feasibility, and Cost Effectiveness PilotEGPAFN. Chintu, S. Strasser, C. Wilfert
91TapeA Global Network Study to Assess Gestational Age by Fundal Height (TAPE)NIHE. Chomba
92TB – 018PLANNING: Efficacy of GSK Biologicals Candidate Tuberculosis (TB) Vaccine GSK 692342 Against TB Disease in Healthy Adults Living in a TB Endemic RegionAeras /Glaxo Smith KlineG. Henostroza, S. Reid, A. Kruuner
93TB in PregnancyPilot Evaluation of Pulmonary Tuberculosis Screening in Antenatal Clinics in Lusaka, ZambiaCRDF / NIAIDN. Kancheya, G. Henestroza
94TB Op-XOptimizing Clinical Outcomes in HIV-Infected Adults & Children Using Xpert MTB/RIF in ZambiaCDCS. Reid, M. Kasaro
95TB Programme EvaluationEvaluation of TB Programme Activities in Lusaka, Southern, Western and Eastern Provinces of ZambiaCDCS. Reid
96TB Screening CohortTB Screening Cohort Study and Specimen Repository DevelopmentCDCS. Reid, G. Henostroza
97TB-HIV BarriersBarriers to Accessing HIV Care Among TB PatientsStudentL. Munthali, S. Reid
98TB-HIV Integration ProjectPilot Study to Integrate and Optimize Care for HIV and Tuberculosis in ZambiaUniversity of Alabama - Birmingham / CFARS. Reid
99TD-2Randomized Controlled Trial of Single-dose Tenofovir and Emtricitabine to Reduce NNRTI Resistance in Women Using Nevirapine for PMTCTEGPAFB. Chi, J. Stringer
100Tides StudyPeer Counselling and Clinical Mentoring to Improve Family Planning Acceptance Rates in Lusaka HIV ClinicsTIDESE. Stringer, C. Wamalume
101Time-Motion Study in Lusaka ClinicsOperations Research to Determine Facility-based Predictors of Quality Clinical CareCDCH. Fusco, J. Stringer
102UTH Cervical Cancer StudyObservational Trial to Describe Prevalence of Pre-Cancerous and Cancerous Lesions among HIV-infected Women at University Teaching Hospital, Lusaka, ZambiaUniversity of Alabama at BirminghamG. Parham, M. Mwanahamuntu
103VCTUptake of Voluntary HIV Counseling and Testing Services in ZambiaCDCB. Chi
104Viral LoadCluster-Randomized Trial of Different Monitoring Strategies for Individuals on Long-term HAARTNIH / NIAIDM. Saag, J. Stringer
105Vitamin DEvaluation of HIV Progression and TB Treatment in ZambiaNIH / NIAIDG. Henostroza, N. Kancheya
106VL Focus Group DiscussionsFocus Group Discussions about ARV Medication and Pharmacy Refill Appointments  NIH / NIAIDP. Mulenga, W. Norton
107VMMCEvaluation of a Peer Referral System to Increase Demand of Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision3IEA. Zanolini
108Wound HealingAssessment of Post-Cryotherapy Wound Healing in a "See and Treat" Programme for Cervical Cancer Prevention in HIV-infected Women in a Low Resource Setting: A Pilot StudyNIH / NCIG. Parham, M. Mwanahamuntu
109Zambian Prisons Health Systems Strengthening (ZaPHSS)Understanding Zambian Prison Health: Inmate Health and Access to Health Care - A Multi-Phase Research StudyEuropean UnionG. Henostroza, S. Topp
110ZEPRS/PMTCT DatabaseElectronic Database of > 50,000 Pregnancies Yearly in Lusaka, ZambiaCDCM. Mubiana Mbewe