CIDRZ Receives Equivalency Determination (ED) Status Making it Equal to a U.S. Charity

To earn this recognized status CIDRZ governance, financial controls, and operations have successfully passed rigorous scrutiny from NGOsource ( Earning Equivalency Determination status and being considered equivalent to a U.S. public charity makes it much easier for important potential donors – such as the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation –  to confidently consider CIDRZ as a grantee, and allows CIDRZ to operate more efficiently with these donors.

Since becoming an independent Zambian NGO in 2011, and restructuring with new executive leadership under Director and CEO Dr Charles Holmes, CIDRZ has intensified focus on increasing the effectiveness of the management of its operations, and especially its financial, governance, and control environment. With the addition of a 5-member strong Internal Audit team, led by an experienced Certified Internal Auditor and Fraud Examiner who reports directly to the Board of Directors Audit Committee Chair, CIDRZ is confident about its accountability and control environment.

An independent Zambian NGO, CIDRZ collaborates with multiple partners so as to leverage diverse resources to assist it in delivering on its mission “To improve access to quality healthcare in Zambia through innovative capacity development, exceptional implementation science and research, and impactful and sustainable public health programmes.” The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is one such important donor. The Foundation recently granted CIDRZ a USD$4.76 million award for the Better Information for Health in Zambia study.

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