CIDRZ sharing shares experiences in DSD models implementation

Dr Preko during his visit Chilenje First Level Hospital

“CIDRZ is doing great and happy that CAGs are being given three month drug refills which addresses sustainability questions of these social structures among group members as well as guaranteeing drug availability”

The HIV Coverage, Quality, and Impact Network (CQUIN) Director, Dr Peter Preko said this during a tour of Chilenje Level 1 Hospital where CIDRZ is implementing two differentiated service delivery models(DSD) namely Community adherence Groups(CAG) and Fast Tract  for stable HIV patients.

Dr Preko and his team visited the health facility to draw lessons from CIDRZ on the CAG model.

CIDRZ has been implementing the CAG model since April 2015 with 288 groups formed targeting 1728 patients as a strategy to help decongest health facilities, improve service delivery and patient retention to care.

CQUIN was on a multi-country learning network dedicated to improving differentiated service delivery (DSD) for people living with HIV. The network convenes health system leaders from countries in sub-Saharan Africa to participate in joint learning and information exchange, with the goal of fostering scale-up and spread of high-quality differentiated services.

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