CIDRZ, Zambart and Aeras Sensitise Media on TB Vaccine Research

 TB Researchers from CIDRZ and Zambart join Aeras to Sensitise Local Media about TB Vaccine Research


This week CIDRZ and collaborator and research partner, Zambart, sensitised local media practitioners about the need for a preventative Tuberculosis (TB) vaccine and the ongoing Phase 2b TB-18 clinical research trial that is taking place at the CIDRZ research clinic in Kalingalinga and the Zambart research clinic in Kanyama. Twenty Lusaka-based print, radio and TV journalists took part in the event that was sponsored by Aeras. Dr Nathan Kapata, Ministry of Health TB and Leprosy Control Programs Manager, was a key presenter as he reviewed the State of TB in Zambia. Research Investigators from both institutions made presentations about past TB research in Zambia and how they have contributed to the benefit of public health in the country and the current clinical trial, as well as answering journalists questions. CIDRZ routinely engages media as they are a key and valued stakeholder in explaining health programmes and research in the country. Pictured below, CIDRZ TB Director  Dr Monde Muyoyeta explaining the TB-018 Preventive TB Vaccine research trial to Enock Ngoma, Miriam Zimba and other journalists.


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