HIVCorps: using volunteers to rapidly expand HIV health services across Zambia; Am J Trop Med Hyg 2006; 74: 918-21


Chi BH, Fusco H, Goma FM, Zulu I, Simmers E, Stringer JSA



In 2004, we created HIVCorps, an international volunteer program to involve pre-medical, medical, and public health students in the scale-up of HIV care and prevention services in Zambia. In our first year, we used 27 American and Zambian volunteers to assist with the administrative and logistical aspects of program implementation. Ten volunteers were based in the capital Lusaka; the remaining 17 were stationed across five rural districts. Supervision was provided by local health care providers, district officials, and hospital administrators. In our setting, the use of volunteers has proven feasible and effective for program support. Depending on a program’s immediate needs, use of many basic field personnel may be more beneficial than employment of one to two trained clinicians. Formal volunteer programs like HIVCorps should be developed alongside initiatives focused on deploying more specialized, experienced healthcare workers aboard

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