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Health Promotion

Community COMPACT is CIDRZ’s primary health promotion program.. This CDC/PEPFAR-funded community-led HIV prevention program seeks to prevent new HIV infections in two target communities – urban Kanyama in Lusaka Province and rural Kalabo in Western Province – by increasing the number of individuals and couples who are aware of their HIV status and access HIV prevention, care and treatment information.

Previously, most HIV prevention programs were led by organisations or government ministries resulting in low uptake of counselling and testing services. COMPACT puts the community at the helm: target communities identified key drivers of HIV in their communities and take action to combat them.

Our COMPACT program engages individuals in the two target communities through:

  • Training community volunteers in HIV/AIDS basics, Prevention with Positives, and psychosocial and Couples Counselling so they may support  health centre-based voluntary counselling and testing departments
  • Conducting voluntary HIV counselling and testing drives every quarter
  • Distributing male and female condoms
  • Providing Information, Education and Communication materials and information sessions on the prevention and treatment of HIV, cervical cancer, and HIV/TB co-infection 

The Community COMPACT program also measures how incorporation of a community-wide incentive affects levels of community involvement in the program.. In addition to identifying how to tackle HIV for their particular setting, the community also determines what community-oriented incentive they would like to receive for reaching their goal. Kanyama opted for improving sanitation, while Kalabo requested more counselling training and bicycles to improve outreach.