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Dr Thea Savory is Director of Monitoring and Evaluation

Dr Savory was trained at the Free University in the Netherlands and is a MD with 25 years of facility and public health experience in Zambia, including 10 years of Provincial and National management and administration within CIDRZ. For the past 3 years she has worked in the Monitoring and Evaluation department and was recently promoted to Director M&E. Dr Savory is goal-oriented and advocates for data driven quality programs. Her experience in the hospitals has given her a solid grounding in clinical care. Her living and working within a community on a rural farm in Monze has given her an in-depth understanding of the issues concerning service delivery to Persons Living with HIV from a community and facility point of view. Within the M&E department she is tasked with organizing systems for accurate timely reporting and active data use for programme improvement and operational research.