Getting the MC Message Out!

Getting the MC Message Out!

Nasdec Nov 2015


Medical Male Circumcision (MC) is part of the Zambian health strategy for HIV prevention, yet it is not commonly practiced in the country.

Medical MC has been proven to reduce a man’s risk of acquiring HIV from an infected female sex partner by 60%, as well as decrease the risk of him transmitting the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV)  – the virus responsible for women developing cancer of the cervix – a serious problem in Zambia.

In order to get the message out to men, and women, about the importance and benefit of medical male circumcision performed by trained  providers, the CIDRZ  MC mobilisers have been attending local traditional and youth-oriented social events.

This past weekend MC mobilisers set up a sensitisation stand at the Chakwela Makumbi Traditional Ceremony of the Soli People in Chongwe presided over by Chieftainess Nkomeshya Mukamambo II where 40 men booked themselves for the procedure at the local clinic.

The following day they attended the youth sensitisation at the National Sports Development Council where over 2000 Lusaka-based youth gathered to listen to music, learn more about voter registration, and hear sensitisation about HIV/AIDS, MC and prevention of cervical cancer. Over 30 young men signed up to be booked for the MC procedure at Lusaka clinics.

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