Interim Results: Treatment as Prevention (TasP) in Correctional Facilities in Zambia and South Africa

Sisa Hatwiinda is a Zambian nurse with a Postgraduate Diploma in Public Health and has been working in tuberculosis implementation science and research at CIDRZ since 2006. For the last 7 years’ she has been working exclusively in scaling-up TB and HIV programs in prisons/correctional facilities with TB REACH and CDC funding. Currently, she is coordinating the implementation and evaluation of HIV Treatment as Prevention (TASP) in the Zambian prison/correctional setting as part of a collaboration between Zambia and South Africa.

Helene Smith is an Implementation Scientist with a Masters in International Public Health from the University of Sydney, Australia. She has worked for the last 2 years with CIDRZ focusing on prisons and TB research. She was previously involved in public health research projects working with indigenous populations in Australia and Guatemala.

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