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The WHO recommends Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision (VMMC) as a long-term HIV prevention strategy for countries like Zambia with low circumcision and high HIV-infection rates.

Male Circumcision (MC) provides men with up to 60% protection against getting HIV from infected female sexual partners. Other health benefits include decreased  risk of penis cancer, and reduced risk of infecting female sexual partners with the human papilloma virus (HPV) – the cause of cancer of the cervix.

CIDRZ supports the Zambian Government’s National VMMC programme and provides services or supports circumcision facilities in Western, Southern, Lusaka and Eastern provinces of Zambia through static or mobile sites.  

To date we have circumcised over 72,910 Zambian men.

The CIDRZ VMMC programme is supported by PEPFAR and the U.S. CDC partnership and is targeting males between 15 – 29 years of age to gain the most HIV reduction impact, although men of any age that are HIV uninfected are welcome at circumcision sites. However we do not circumcise boys below 10 years. Our trained providers ensure patient safety by performing VMMC with best practice techniques, and under the highest safety conditions.

Our preferred surgical mode for adult circumcision is the dorsal slit method, and in late 2016 we will be performing active surveillance on use of the non-invasive Shang Ring method of adult male circumcision.

Free VMMC is available at the following static sites:

Chelstone Clinic
Chongwe Clinic
Kafue Estate
Kafue Railway Clinic
Kanyama Clinic
Kaonga Clinic
Mtendere Clinic
University Teaching Hospital – Adult Infectious Disease Clinic

Sefula Rural Health Centre
Limulunga Clinic
Mulambwa Urban Clinic

For further inquiries on the CIDRZ VMMC programme, please contact:

Lane Lee-Lyabola, Manager Lane-Lee.Lyabola@cidrz.org
Christine Matoba, Coordinator christine.matoba@cidrz.org