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Training, Technical Assistance, and Supportive Mentorship are Embedded in our Programmes

Facilitating clinical, research, and professional development training is a core component of our model to improve public health and strengthen health systems in Zambia and the region.

Our training focuses on:

  • Building clinical, logistic, and systems skills for nursing, medical, pharmaceutical, and laboratory professionals to improve healthcare delivery standards and expand services into new communities.
  • Training community members to perform essential but non-clinical tasks in primary care settings to relieve the burden on health clinic staff and improve patient satisfaction, adherence and retention.
  • Skilling Peer Educators and Lay Counsellors so they can provide testing, counselling, and reproductive health education closer to home.

Building Zambian and International Research and Public Health Leaders

Through our internship and fellowship placements, we provide research and public health training opportunities to promising Zambian early- and mid-career professionals to develop local expertise so that health policy changes are grounded on solid data evidence.

Our CIDRZ Faculty and visiting University Mentors provide junior researchers structured one-to-one guidance and support. The experience covers developing research questions, concept development, trial design, grant writing, regulatory and ethics, research management, quality control, data collection and analysis, scientific writing, and dissemination, thus ensuring that research trainees gain the necessary skills to develop as scientists.

CIDRZ HealthCorps Health Research Training Fellowship

This competitive annual fellowship offers meaningful health research programme experience, training and mentorship to early- and mid-career public health practitioners. Fellows join leading-edge research and implementation science projects to hone existing skills and build new ones. Thinking is refined through participation in research meetings, journal clubs and analysis ‘Think Tanks’. HealthCorps fellows become integral members of the research team involved in programme and data management, analysis, writing, and development of scientific posters, presentations and manuscripts. Fellows find that the rich hands-on experience and professional development mentorship helps them to refine their next career or educational step. HealthCorps placements are made in our programme areas depending on the intake year. The Call for Applications is in February and placements start in August. Enquiries can be made to

Scientific Writing Capacity Development Training

Dissemination of research findings is necessary to build the body of scientific knowledge upon which to develop improved health systems and health policy. Thus it is important that researchers bring their work to be scrutinised by peer-review through publication and presentation.

CIDRZ conducts an annual, week-long, intensive residential course on scientific writing to assist junior and mid-career researchers and Zambian and regional university post-graduate students to gain experience in analysis and manuscript preparation. Trainees come with a clean data set and are assigned a CIDRZ Faculty coach mentor. Morning classes cover the general structure of scientific manuscripts, while afternoons and evenings are focused on writing. By the end of the week trainees produces a draft manuscript for publication.

 Other Fellowship and Internship Opportunities

CIDRZ also is a host site for Global Healthcorps, the University of Alabama at Birmingham Sparkman Center for Global Health, and Fogarty International Center Fellows. In addition, our operational departments of Human Resources, Information Technology, Finance, Communications and others, often host short-term work placement internships for capable and promising individuals work permit permitting.